Chef Josef Lageder

A man of diverse culinary talent, he's not only worked alongside Julia Child, but Sam Choy, too (That explains his love of using a rice cooker!)


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Balboa Bay Club Oktoberfest Featuring Chef Josef Lageder

Food & Wine: The Last Supper

By Rich Manning / Photos by Jody Tiongco

If you were to have one last meal, what would it be and why? It’s undoubtedly the food world’s gold standard in terms of theoretical inquiries. And with good reason; indeed, few things seem to provide a more concise insight into one’s personality, temperament and soul than what he or she would want to consume as a finale. Of course, the weight and intrigue of such an answer is even more fascinating when uttered by an accomplished chef or restaurant manager.It is with that spirit that we canvassed the Newport Beach dining scene and asked 11 of the legendary coastal city’s top chefs and managers that very question. Some of the responses we received were short, sweet and to the point. Others are triumphant masterpieces. But together they reflect the eclectic nature of the Newport dining scene that ultimately makes it so delightful... Read the complete story here.